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Bloodlust, Whispers From Sunnydale
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Welcome to Bloodlust,Whispers From Sunnydale! You have stumbled upon the Ultimate Buffyverse Cap and Quote Community!! Welcome!!! :)

The rules are really simple:
1)Someone will post a quote or cap from a Buffy Episode Seasons 1-7.
2)Respond with an answer in a comment to that post.
3)If you are correct then post the next quote or cap in a new post.
**You can wait for approval of your answer if you so desire, but since we are all crazy fans i doubt you will be wrong. So when you answer correctly you are the next one to post!!**
*You can also ask the poster for hints if you need to*

It's very simple:D

Every now and again the moderators; lilacdream7, kalya and divine_serenity will post a theme for the week.
Just to spice things up a bit!
This is a gaming community so have fun!!!
And test your knowledge of the Buffyverse with other Buffy-addicts!!

Stumper Quotes and Caps! View at your own risk!